How it works


How the process works

All sculptures viewed on the ‚Äúportifolio" or "in progress" pages are available for purchase. Each piece is available in bronze and resin as well as other materials upon request. According to availability, some works may take longer to ship than others. Pre-orders are available on  all "in progress" works.


If you are interested in commissioning the artist, thorough communication is needed to completely understand your needs. Contact us for more information.

Resin Casts.

All sculptures can be cast in resin, which is an extremely strong and long lasting material. Resin casts can be painted to resemble a bronze piece. Many other styles are available upon request. 

Bronze Casts

Bronze casts are the highest quality of fine sculpture. A bronze cast usaually requires 1-3 months to completely finish. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Monuments and LifeSize Casts.

We offer all pieces in various sizes, including monument or life sized. Pricing varies according to size, complexities and locations.Monument and life size sculptures require tremendous amount of planning and preparation to create and to install.